7 Must Have Bedroom Furniture for Your Interiors by Furniture BoutiQ

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The use of new materials, as well as natural and organic materials, is something people have started requesting in furniture designs. The furniture trend we see the most is the re-emergence of French modern design. People want something unique, but they’re also mindful of product quality, eco-friendliness, and sustainability.

Nowadays, instead of art, large, organic mirrors there are statement pieces that can be a focal point in an interior, like a dressing room or bathroom. They are functional pieces that act as both art and decor. Everything is cyclical in design, and right now we’re seeing the resurgence of ’80s trends, like curved sofas and other upholstered furnishings.

Whether it is a corner of your living room, the window-side seat of your private study, a small part of the attic room, a garden seat or a mini lounging area in the family room, a cosy reading nook is an added advantage and a guilty pleasure that no bookworm can deny fancying the charm of Furniture Boutiq. All it takes is some cushy furnishings and a tad of your own creativity to add another functional aspect of absolute comfort.Take a closer look and pick your favorites!

1.Furniture Boutiq Brocton rustic solid wood platform bed with Moroccan style

Furniture Boutiq is known for its huge catalogue full of lux, architectural furniture, decor, hardware, and more. With its lavish movie star contemporary design, these queen, king beds add excitement to your bedroom decor. Your one and only Online Bedroom Furniture Store! The stunning, solid wooden beds and wooden bed frames are hand-built from in Furniture Boutiq that holds the best Bed room furniture Manufacturer in India. While we Indians love modern designs, there is something special about a traditional bed. If you have a vintage bed from your grandma’s times, give it a makeover with some ethnic bedding and traditional Indian side tables. This will lend some old-world charm to your room!

A great bed is not only about the decors. There are multiple components that go into making an awesome bed. A solid wood bed isn’t just another piece of furniture in your bedroom. The Furniture Boutiq Brocton Rustic Solid Wood Platform Bed with Moroccan Style Headboard makes the ultimate focal point for your master or guest bedroom. They use premium solid hardwoods for all our beds and bedroom furniture so you won’t wake up to the nightmare of pressed wood or veneer over a cheap wood.

Perfectly proportioned, this elegant handmade bed will work with any décor. You can’t take our eyes off this stunning Brocton rustic solid wood platform bed with Moroccan style bed! The headboard is an important component of your bed as it can completely change the look of the bed. Thus, if you have a basic bed but want to add a unique element, go for a curved headboard. This is not only comfortable but also looks gorgeous. This is cheap, easy-to-implement and can instantly change the mood in your room!

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2. Furniture Boutiq Britain Rustic Solid Wood Low Height Storage Platform Bed

First of all, starting the day with a deep stretch and mild workout can get the blood pumping to fight off clumsiness and all the laziness, and the cool temperature near the floor is a major plus for hot sleepers. Some small bedrooms can gain a sense of spaciousness from a low-profile look. And if storage isn’t a concern, removing empty space means one less place for dust to settle. In bedrooms that feature large format artwork, a low bed stays out of the way. But this one still makes a subtle but tasteful impression with the luxurious layering of dark wood and plush fabric.

Those parents who plan to have a separate bedroom for their young children this Britain Rustic Solid Wood Low Height Storage Platform Bed from Furniture Boutiq is most suitable for you to buy as well as to locate and they gets the top position for being the best Bed room furniture Manufacturer in India as such in one way. Low beds are especially perfect for young children. It’s a little less scary to transition to a “big kid bed” when it’s comfortable and low to the floor, and falling off during sleep or while playing becomes far less of a threat.

One thing you might notice about these low beds is all the room they leave for visual decoration that reaches toward the ceiling. A grand tall bed might be overwhelmed with beautiful details like those in matter to low beds. Repetition and clean surfaces have a much greater impact when the view is unsecured. The lights to either side of the bed remain just as simple as the rest of the room and help balance the visual weight of the room.

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3. Furniture Boutiq El Centro Solid Wood Platform Bed with Single Slab Live Edge

Platform beds are sleek, stylish, and brimming with modern charm. They differ from regular bed frames with their wooden slats or solid platform base, which eliminates the need for a bulky box spring. Not only that, but they also tend to be quieter and most have built-in headboards. If you aren’t sure whether a platform bed is for you because of budget or style preference, rest assured that there is a large variety to choose from.

Simplicity has never looked as charming as the design of our El Centro Solid Wood Platform Bed with Single Slab Live Edge by Furniture Boutiq and 2 floating attached 1 drawer nightstands.The incredibly straightforward aesthetic and gorgeous visuals are two of the best qualities of this low height modern platform bed. It has been gorgeously handcrafted from durable Saur wood. The live-edge styling and excellent heirloom quality are the cherry on top of an amazing design.

This platform bed from Furniture Boutiq is the best Bed room furniture Manufacturer in India with sustainable mango wood and solid teak reclaimed from homes no longer in use in India. The striking teak has natural knows, splits, and markings and lends an earthen feel to any room. The artful wave of this platform bed makes it as unique as it is contemporary. The gradual curve of the headboard makes it a great option for those who like to lounge in bed. it is not only super chic, but it is also a great storage solution with its gas lift mechanism that allows for hidden, under bed storage.

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4.Furniture Boutiq Flagstaff Mango Wood and Brass Inlay Platform Bed Frame

Futuristic meets practical with this unique design. With its gorgeous upholstered design and rich charcoal colour, there was no way that this platform bed could be left off our list. An abundance of elegance and high style for a price that is hard to beat.This Flagstaff Mango Wood and Brass Inlay Platform Bed Frame have a powerful aesthetic that packs quite the design punch. The mix of black and white colouring paired with the unique shape and faux leather upholstery is captivating and energetic. The perfect statement piece for a master bedroom or guest room. For those of you that need style and function, this is the bed for you!

The furniture Boutiq, leading the Bed room furniture manufacturer in India  and also Bed room furniture wholesale in India, upholstered platform beds and storage platform beds are nothing new, but combining the two. Upholstered in genuine leather called regenerated leather maroon. The design takes this feature in a bit of a different direction and centres the lighting on its minimalist headboard. The focused lights will be perfect for reading in bed at night or lounging on dim, rainy days.This futuristic platform bed has an edgy design that seems to effortlessly hover over the ground.Whoever said that beds need to be rectangular or square was clearly thinking inside the box. This Flagstaff Mango Wood and Brass Inlay Platform Bed Frame is seductive and unexpected with its round design and rich black leatherette upholstery. A unique and comfortable choice for those who like their decor to be a little bit offbeat.A great way to bring a bit of spa-like serenity into your bedroom! It features a gas lift mechanism for easy under bed storage access, as well as lighting on both the headboard and footboard. The glamorous square tufted headboard is also included with this design.

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5. Furniture Boutiq Jamaica Solid Teak Wood Platform Bed Frame

Your bed is a symbol of restoration, relaxation, and refreshment — and the wrong bed frame material can seriously impact your comfort.  So this bed holds one of the classiest options for the bedroom, platform bed designs are highly sought after for their aesthetics. A platform bed is one of the earliest inventions of humanity. Since centuries, humans have been using some sort of support system for mattresses, leading to the development of the modern-day platform bed.

While choosing a platform bed, India usually prefers medium to dark finishes. Though some of our models are low-slung, not all low floor beds belong to the platform bed category. When you select a platform bed with storage, you get hundreds of litres of space that would otherwise be unutilised. Also, this eliminates the need of a wardrobe, or reduces its size. While finalising a platform bed, this best Bed room Manufacturer in India by Furniture Boutiq is must for you! It shows an inclination towards solid wood material for the higher durability it provides.

Jamaica Solid Teak Wood Platform Bed Frame is the sign of great comfort and luxury and there are lots of different designed beds available in Indian Market and these Bed Frames are mainly built with Sheesham, Teak, Sal, Mango or Mahogany as such in one way.

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6. Furniture Boutiq Mango Wood Platform Bed Frame High Headboard

Platform beds offer a strong, simple bed frame design. They typically sit closer to the floor than traditional bed frames, making them easy to enter and exit. Unlike standard beds, platform beds do not require a spacer in the form of a box spring. They come in solid wood, metal, or upholstered wood, allowing them to suit different styles and preferences.

If you are in the market for the best platform bed, Mango Wood Platform Bed Frame High Headboard is good to do your research so you can invest in quality that lasts for years to come.While finalising a platform bed, this best Bed room Manufacturer in India by Furniture Boutiq is a must for you! Read on to learn about what factors you should consider when shopping for a platform bed, and don’t miss this list of some of the top models you can buy. Wooden beds offer strength and a timeless rustic look. They are available in solid wood and particleboard. Although more expensive, solid wood is stronger, more durable, and more attractive than cheaper wood frames that use particle boards covered in veneer.

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7. Furniture Boutiq Longport Handcrafted Solid Wood Platform Canopy Bed

A bed frame isn’t something you think about much until you need to buy a new one, that is. But a bed frame is a vital part of your bed; it holds up your mattress and provides support to help you achieve a good night’s sleep.If you already own a quality box spring, this type of bed frame is an economical choice. Otherwise, it’s easier and cheaper to opt for a bed frame that doesn’t require a box spring.

The majority of people who buy such beds do so because of a health condition, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use one if you’re perfectly healthy. If you like to sit and read or watch TV in bed, it’s far easier to move into a comfortable position with an adjustable bed frame.The majority of bed frames are either metal, wood, or upholstered, whichever is right for you just go for it.The canopy bed from Furniture Boutiq is the best which is also  Bed room furniture Manufacturer in India. If you become bored of your wooden bed frame after a year or two, consider staining it or painting it for a new look.

The style of bed you choose depends on your personal preference and the style of the existing decor in your bedroom. Unless you’re sure you won’t be redecorating in the foreseeable future, it’s often wise to choose a fairly neutral bed frame that would work with a range of decorative styles.The size, material, and quality of construction affect the price of a bed frame. You will be sleeping on your bed frame every night for years to come, so you want to buy one you truly love.

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